Building the Energy Transition

We combine innovation with a deep knowledge of engineering and construction experience to deliver the building blocks of the energy transition. The result? Energy companies & Industries can harness clean, engineered solutions to meet customer needs, support their sustainability targets and ultimately reduce carbon emissions.

From concept to commissioning & Monitoring to Maintenance, our engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and installation (EPC) capabilities extend across the energy value chain. At each phase of the project, our solutions are fuelled by the latest technologies, an unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency and an innovative mindset to make the facilities of the future a reality today. We understand the challenges our customers and communities face as they navigate the energy transition and strive to meet demand shifts while reducing emissions. Together, we will build a more sustainable future

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We store precious solar energy to long lasting batteries to deliever clean energy in non sunny hours. Thus one can meet sustainability goals throughout the clock


We provide RTC power by integrating sources like as solar, wind, storage, and hydro to run your activities on 100 percent renewable energy 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every hour, month, and year, we may supply a certain MW of energy.


We offer a range of services from fesability and concept studies to lower carbon levels by CO2 capturing, utilization, conversion to ethanol, formic acid.


Converting mobility shifting mobility to renewables from fossil fuels is major transition marker. Developing EV Charging technologies, fast charging stations & battery swaping options for your organisation to achieve Net-Zero.

Optimistic Green Energy

Your dependable energy transition partner

will assist you in developing a sustainability strategy and achieving a 100 percent clean energy transition across different locations and geographies