Vision & Values

Everyone needs a guiding vision to help direct their future. A business is no different. At Optimistic, our vision is quite simple. We work each and every day to Help People Live Better Lives. So how can we make a positive difference to you and to others around the world? By helping people everywhere to discover their potential and achieve their goals, by offering better planning and products for the future.

'Journey Of TRUE Freedom'

Nelson Mandela who is greatly inspired by Mahatma Gandhi once said that in absence of prosperity, there is no true freedom. The many freedoms of expression, association, religion, etc are meaningless where we have to compromise on our responsibilities and our dreams. It is not freedom if we are unable to do things that we wish for our families and friends


A word from CEO

The need for Lower Emissions to Net Zero is becoming increasingly important throughout the world. As a leading environmental technology company in Renewables, Optimistic develops products, solutions and a range of services that protect people, planet and businesses from the harmful effects of Climate Change. It is up to us to shape the future for clean energy, a position we strengthened further in 2022. The fact is that Optimistic is progressing toward a completely Energy Transition products with very high market potential.

After a strong decline in economic activity in 2020, an equally strong upturn followed in 2021. We were prepared for a recovery, but it was stronger than anticipated. I was pleased that we had a high level of readiness throughout the organisation and were able to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, both in terms of the development of our offering and our delivery precision. Accordingly, I am able to summarise a record year for Optimistic, with a high level of orders received and a strong improvement in profitability.

In addition to meeting the strong demand, there was a high level of activity within a number of different areas. Restructuring programmes were concluded. Activities to optimise the engineering and service structure were accelerated. The standardisation of existing system offerings has made it possible to reach new markets and segments, while new, and in some cases pioneering, products and technologies were launched. We continued to develop digital tools, the digital offering and the digital presence to drive efficiency and increase customer value. In addition, the service business continued to be developed with more functionality for digital monitoring and control. Finally, we have placed great emphasis on strengthening expertise and the debate on the importance of clean air in industrial environments. This was achieved through training, webinars with customers and partners, and not least, through our Version 3.0 initiative, through which we are completely revamping our business model with new initiatives processes & targets . As market leader, we inform and guide the market in a sustainable and appropriate direction for society.

The high level of activity in the market during the year also presented challenges, not least in the form of complicated supply chains with longer lead times and rising prices for raw materials and freight transport. In addition, new geopolitical circumstances have emerged. We have placed great emphasis – centrally and in our company– on adapting the supplier and service organisation to meet the customers’ needs for secure and reliable deliveries. I can see that we succeeded well in this, and we were also successful in our efforts to manage our own pricing.

We are anticipating huge success in coming years because we have the best digital solutions ours process. As mentioned, we have invested a great deal of energy in building up digital processes, tools and presence in the market to be able to conduct effective sales and service work. The area in which we excel is primarily our offering. I believe that 2021 was the year in which the industry understood that digital solutions is only way to sustain. As market leader, our own sales confirm this.

As market leader, we currently have a comprehensive base of Concept to Commissioning in solar field throughout the nation When our customers need to develop or change, we thus have favourable possibilities to develop new products /solutions and upgrade with Operations standards and maintenance technologies with digital products and services to a considerable degree.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy and development process, and we make our largest environmental contribution when industry and customers use our products and solutions. We also see that the development of services, so-called servicification, is becoming increasingly important as the world’s industries transition to greener production. With the offering of clean energy as a service, we assume responsibility for our products and their effectiveness for their entire service life. This means that we are able to drive the development towards a circular economy, in which we integrate long economic service life, re-use and recycling into our product development. Once again, we have a competitive edge with our strong offering, high quality and already high sustainability demands in terms of recycling, traceability and energy efficiency. We work to incorporate recycled material in new product platforms without sacrificing the products’ quality and functionality.

After the strong economic fluctuations of the past two years, we expect a somewhat calmer, but nonetheless positive trend in 2022. We anticipate continued problems in the global supply chain, while it will take time before we can consign covid-19 and the resulting restrictions to the history books. Additionally we have the difficult geopolitical situation. But what we offer – sustainable solutions for clean energy – is becoming increasingly important for growing numbers of customers and industries throughout the world. Short-term disruptions do not affect the strong long-term trend for environmental technology solutions that contribute to a better work environment and quality of life for so many. I can say that, in recent years, Optimistic has bolstered its market-leading position and we are now continuing our progress towards a fully digitally model. Helping me with this, I have an organisation with key leading-edge expertise and great commitment, which will take Optimistic & World onward in The Clean Energy Journey and continue to shape the future of Sustainability with Climate Change.

Parv Arora
Director and CEO