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New Solutions

Optimistic is always on the lookout for viable

new strategies to hasten the great transition out of

fossil fuels into a renewable economy, in solar.

And favors those that answer defined customer




An international company open to new ideas from around the world, Optimistic never sleeps.

Optimistic is attracted by technical challenges. Nothing will distract our engineers faster than a new solution to an old problem. Optimistic engineers have an open license to play with new concepts.


Optimistic is an award winning company which thrives of accuracy.

Save room on land

Currently designing one of the first floating systems in the US for an agricultural operation in N. California, in partnership with a French expert company. Optimistic expects to roll this strategy to multiple ag clients.

Make a statement

Vertical systems require special racking and are used in environments where efficiency is secondary to style, or a non solar function (wind screening for example) and cost is not an issue. Currently building one for a hospitality client in Santa Cruz.