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Hallway conversations and shared laughter

are natural expressions of creativity; Optimistic favors

results over effort, but just as Optimistic will always

stand by its commitment to customers, Optimistic

team members have each other’s backs.



An international company of creative thinkers who value candor, authenticity, transparency and being non-political

Optmistic never stops learning, and the more it grows, the smarter it gets, the more it understands its success reflects its ability to transform light into delight.


Optimistic’s collective energy is fueled by individual spirits who shine brightest when the team shines.

Exacting preparation

Optimistic encourages its people to invest themselves, take ownership of decisions. And recognizes the poets, the artists, the architects inside the company. Innovative solutions to daunting problems start with doodles in the sand….

Collective energy

The connections at Optimistic feed on shared goals and desires to be relevant, and the exciting belief that the company is a conduit to making a difference on shifting power from extracting technologies to renewable.