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Optimistic Solar designs and builds system for
ground mounts, rooftops, and carports.

Our foremen and field crews never give up, no
matter how tough, or unusual the physical
constraints are. From odd roofing materials to
convoluted topography to wet environments,
there is no challenge these teams cannot




Optimistic sets high standards for itself in all the verticals where it competes. The crews are aligned and when in doubt, overbuild.

Optmistic crews have grit. Pride in workmanship that draws its nutrients in ownership and sense of style nurtured, and encouraged by their director.


Optimistic is an award winning company which thrives of accuracy.

Exacting preparation

No work proceeds on site until the foreman has reviewed its history and made sure nothing will interfere with the quality defined by the engineering design. Including taking soil samples when it turns out review of the history indicates residues from previous owners could jeopardize anchoring. Adjustments to plans are made on site before work begins.

Premium on Aesthetics

Optimistic crews believe the work they produce should be beautiful. Created by hand, they feel it could be signed when completed.