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Optimistic Solar is deeply committed to its clients in

the ag sector, and to finding new ways to solve

old problems. Optimistic helps its clients navigate

the funding waters and fill the required

applications on time.



A company whose managers can translate a farmer’s energy needs into a strategy that respects the land

Optimistic was first to design the special racking system needed for PV installations on levees. An award winning concept, levee mounts answer the need to provide solar production with reduced interference on farming production.


optimistic finds creative ways to solve old problems on agricultural land

Award winning designs

Optimistic engineers had to design a custom racking system to work on levees, the fact that they were breaking new ground was actually adding protein to their diet. Optimistic welcomes opportunities to address problems few have solved.

Liquid Assets

Water and electricity don’t mix, and it takes special skills to make sure they never do. Those skills lead to unique rewards, activating otherwise dormant assets, slowing the rate of evaporation all the while generating clean energy on top of unexploited acreage.